Viking Pavilion

Proposed new basketball arena / event space at Portland State University. This first image is of the revised design as the project has moved forward. Client is Woofter Architecture of Portland. (2015)
This project has had a long history and my involvement included two different architectural firms. My initial effort was with  ZGF to create a series of renderings for fund-raising, which proved to be very successful! Several years later I was contacted by Woofter Architecture who had taken over the design of the project - this final rendering is meant to be an update of the original looser exterior rendering that had become so familiar. Dusk lighting is used to maximize views into the interior of the building, including the arena itself. The scene is heavily populated suggesting the pre-game arrival of the spectators - deep green school colors are used as much as possible in their clothing. Foreground oak trees are treated very loosely and are relocated in the rendering to avoid blocking any important architectural features.
The following images are of the initial concept design from 2012 - 2013. Client is ZGF Architects, Portland.
Exterior dusk view of arena from the east.
Exterior daytime view from the north.
Interior view of arena in "basketball mode".
Interior view of arena in "concert mode".
Interior view of academic concourse in the void between the seating bowl and the large glass curtain wall.
Lobby / waiting space for arena events. New academic center visible at left.

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